I'm going to teach you what I learned during my stay on NovaRO about Rune Knights. But in any case, your HP as of now will be gargantuan, Knight skills aren’t really that complicated to upgrade. This hybrid build are mainly for FARMING, SOLO MVP HUNTERS/GROUP MVP HUNTERS, PVM. Also, an autocast Knight is another build that is possible once there are more autocast equipment available. Reviews. Provoke A variation of the AGI Two-Hand Quicken build with a twist. 377. In revo-classic, Luk is boosted as it gives ATK, MATK, and resistances to Status Effects especially Curse. Name: Lord Goriotep 99/70 SAVD Bowling Bash Build. The Knight class is the primary second job for the Swordman class. Pure Agi-Knight – This build is the basic agi-knight class that attacks at raging speed along with destructive damage output. Knight Stat Builds Advice by IGN:NinjaChicken. Go ahead and check the article guys! Knight Skills, you can refer to this post. Ragnarok Guide for you to learn build applicable to your beloved RO character. AGI: 60-75 3. Inflict 10% more … AGI Crit Build (STR AGI VIT LUK) 3. 497. AGI-VIT Knights usually stick with a setup similar to an AGI knight. Also, At 20 int, Blue potions heal 40% more. _____ Footwear _____ +6/7 Green Boots (Matyr Card) Base def: 4 Matyr card boosts your HP by 12% and add 1 agi. As a knight you have a choice to go Agi Knight or Vit Knight or any combination in between. Mobbing is a good option too, since Brandish Spear consumes less SP than Bowling Bash. Stats Build. Patrick CaraigSeptember 28, 2017Stat Builds. “Alright, I just want to click and kill..”. use Spear Boom, it's all you need, a CA/DS Combo owns you when you're AGI+4. TLDW: Agi Crit Knight is the second shittiest build for knight. For Knight Skills, you can refer to this post. They easily retain their status as the class with the highest HP Modifier and strongest physi… BB Knights are very simple to use in PVM. Ragnarok Guide for newbie player. Knights have the highest HP out of all the classes and are capable of equipping items with high defense. Take note that Bowling Bash does not deal critical damage and this stat build is highly focused on getting fast single-target kills. Here are some simple notes about the Agility Knight. your Speed is actually, Well, to make optimum use of this Skill, you kinda need Brains as VIT knights are more skill-reliant since they can’t depend on their normal attack speed to quickly kill enemies. Server: PRO [VALKYRIE] Stat: str 96. agi 50. vit 70 +++++ [ lord knight exists because of two reasons, to be a tanker and damage dealer ] int 1. dex 50. luk 1. stat explanation – we all know there’s numerous build for an LK. “It’s the best character in revo-classic, until you get hit by an Asura Strike.”. They are also allowed to acquire powerful AoE skills like the famed Bowling Bash and the spear exclusive skill, Brandish Spear. Knight adalah job 2 dari kelas Swordsman pada game online berjudul Ragnarok Online (Ragnarok Forever Love).Job atau profesi jarak dekat ini memiliki keunggulan berupa jumlah heath point (HP), pertahanan (DEF), dan kecepatan serangan (ASPD) yang tinggi. VIT-AGI Knights, likewise, generally stay with the setup of a VIT Knight. Check out various builds like agi crit, basher, and pierce. Agility should reach a good level for this build to be sucessful and strength should also be raised for high damage output every single blow. Bring back the FUN in GRINDING! The main focus of an Agi Knight is to kill fast, like 5k damage in 3 seconds, it means having high Str and Agi. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. They easily retain their status as the class with the highest HP Modifier and strongest physi… 1. ... Base def: 4 An option for the Str/Vit/Agi Knight build. Suggested Stats: Str 80-90; Agi 1-30;  Vit 80-90;  Dex 40-50; To help you decide which build to choose, the writer will share the two Lord Knight build. Ragnarok Online – Spear Knight FAQ Guide PC. In the following screen-shots i have used level 10 Increase Agility & Blessing and Berserk potion on my Lord Knight. Rather Vit knights choose to pierce enemies to kill them fast. The Lord Knight's skills are a good balance of offense and defense. Knights are usually found in the frontline of every party, siphoning aggression away from members while also dealing decent damage. Being a Lord Knight, they gain vastly improved offensive capabilities and some defensive capabilities. 53.0k. Currently, my Knight has 20 int + 10 with blessing so I get +5 SP regeneration every 8 seconds. “Tankiest Tank.”. Come Join Our Community Fan Page in Facebook. Two-Hand Quicken 2. They are also allowed to acquire powerful AoE skills like the famed Bowling Bash and the spear exclusive skill, Brandish Spear. Anyway, all you have to care about is the sequence. Dee goes over some standard Ragnarok Online Knight builds. increase in Hp/Sp, and some extra Points (I think its 30% extra points