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Voicemeeter is Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications. In this tutorial we are using the microphone, Apps, Desktop and VOIP inputs. Voicemeeter Banana is the software equivalent of an audio mixer. Related: 5 Best Webcams for Streaming in 2020. Set the speakers to ‘VoiceMeeter Aux Input (VB-Audio)’. Voicemeeter Banana is a mixer program for your windows computer. You've come to the right post! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Select your WDM listening device from the dropdown. Open Voicemeeter. Fallout 4 Modding Guide (wip) → Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Right-click the Intellipan to cycle through these menus. Voicemeeter Banana is a robust, powerful and above all else, FREE software mixer. Disclaimer: this uses a 3rd party external tool which we have no control over. Install the VoiceMeeter Banana … This is simply called Gate in the Voicemeeter Banana software and it appears above the volume slider under each channel. Discord – Go to the ‘Voice and Video’ setting. Compression is a feature that limits the audio range and therefore makes quietest sounds and the loudest sounds more even with one another; which is an effort to make the overall sound smoother and less harsh on our ears. You can right-click on the ‘input 1’ or any other input to rename that input. Great for gamers, live streamers and audio professionals, this is a very powerful and easy to use tool that anyone can download and install. | Open up the Windows Sound settings, either by searching “Sound Settings” or right-clicking the -icon in the system tray and selecting Open Sound Settings. When it comes to the use of Voicemeeter Banana, there are many examples of how it can improve user audio experience including: Mixing the speaker’s voice with music to create podcasts or radio programs; Playing video games and communicate with the team; Making tutorials with different audio and video captures; You should be able to hear it as well. Set your default ‘communication’ device (your microphone). There have been some known long standing issues from attempting to have Voicemeeter Banana control both of these features. It’s worth it. Install the VoiceMeeter Banana EXE at this link: 2) Open VoiceMeeter and Select Output. Voicemeeter Banana Audio Network is a configuration tab within the Voicemeeter Banana software that allows you to control and adjust VOIP over your home network between your gaming PC and your streaming PC. The next step is optional, however a lot of people enjoy having Discord controlled by Voicemeeter Banana and this requires the aforementioned Virtual Audio Cable. Simple and easy to use, this how to guide on using Voicemeeter Banana will carry you through installation and the fine grain tweaking specific to your audio and streaming setup. Has there been such an issue in the past + a fix ? As you can see, the installation and setup of Voicemeeter Banana isn’t nearly as daunting as previously thought. Add a ‘comms’ audio output capture and set it for ‘VoiceMeeter Aux Input (VB-Audio Voicemeeter AUX VAIO). Proudly powered by WordPress For first use, it's highly recommended to follow user manual step by step, especially step ZERO of the documentation. This is really only scratching the surface of what you can do with a program such as this and I’m sure over time more complex solutions will be present, however this should be more than enough to get you pointed in the right direction. Raise the gate accordingly to remove fan noises, random dog barkings, unannounced doorbell ringers, etc. etc, listed on the opening screen of Voicemeeter Banana. Here is a rough guideline of which frequencies you would want to adjust. I use the app for 5.1 audio. They have provided a super handy cheat sheet that’ll give you a greater understanding of the important frequencies in the vocal range and how this relates to other instruments. The highlighted section above showcases the three hardware inputs and their location on Voicemeeter Banana. Set your mic accordingly by right-clicking and setting it as your default ‘communication’ device. Voicemeeter Banana is now configured to route your audio from the gaming PC to your OBS or Streamlabs OBS streaming software. Roderick March 26, 2016 **** Sorry this video was not showing due to where it’s hosted **** In this blog post I demonstrate how I connect Skype, Altacast and Voicemeeter to RadioDJ in order to do talk radio without the annoying delay from sending sound through the computer only to hear it a second or two later. - Voicemeeter Potato User Manual. It’s elegantly designed, and once you figure out the basics, it’s not particularly difficult to use. Voicemeeter Banana has an additional feature called EQ and it’s a button easily found on the front of the UI. 1) Install VoiceMeeter Banana. - MT128 Reference Manual. Hardware Input 1 is the channel we will configure for the microphone. If you ‘Test Audio’ on Skype, you should be able to hear it and see the VU Meter activity in your VOIP input in Voicemeeter. From in-game Windows audio, to hooking up Discord and Spotify, there really isn’t any reason NOT to use Voicemeeter Banana. Voicemeeter Banana is a great program. Voicemeeter Banana is really a gift from heaven! That way everything will be funneled through the app. What this feature effectively does is raises the voice activation sensitivity — the amount of sound decibels required to trigger Voicemeeter Banana to accept audio input from your microphone. The first step you’ll want to do is to go to and download Voicemeeter Banana and the Virtual Audio Cable software packages. Initially when you see the first start of the program it can be intimidating, however once we understand each of the major sections of the Voicemeeter Banana UI and how they all relate to one another it becomes much easier to understand how this software mixer works. Windowscentral Review Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. I have my value set at -6 for all the inputs that I’m currently using. Download from Here. I’ve renamed my input 1 to ‘Microphone’. Select A2 (if necessary) and add a second output. With the Software Voicemeeter Banana by the guys from VB-Audio Software you can manage several Audio In and Outputs to give you the options to decide which sound should go onto your stream or recording and which goes to your speakers, headset or capture card for example. User account menu. TheVoice Posts: 22 The second virtual input, I’ve renamed VOIP. If you have ever wanted to get that cool radio voice with bass you can get it easily with this program. Voicemeeter Banana is an Advanced Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications. It is very easy to use once you know how it works, so let’s get started. The Gate setting is especially sensitive and therefore I would recommend adjusting it 1 dB at a time until you find the desired output for your streaming environment. This is why you see A1, A2, B1, B2. Bus A1 directly corresponds to the Hardware Output device A1 that you selected, in order for you to monitor the output audio in your headphones or speakers. This has been used in great effect to help with clipping, however it can also make ambient or background sounds louder which might be antithetical to leveraging the aforementioned Noise Gate. Posted in Guide, Streaming Tagged guide, streaming, voicemeeter Post navigation ← A Code Analysis Postmortem. Your audio will connect through Voicemeeter Banana on bus A1 and pass through to OBS from the Voicemeeter VAIO AUX channel. Open Voicemeeter Banana on your gaming PC > click on Hardware Inputs 1 > choose your microphone from the drop down menu > under the Hardware Inputs 1 section select bus B2 > deselect any other buses; Head over to the top right area of Voicemeeter Banana > under the Hardware Out section select A1 > choose your current output device(headphones or speakers) When you download Voicemeeter Banana the screenshot above shown is the layout of Voicemeeter Banana when installed. Raise the compressor to boost your voice if you’re a low speaker. However, if you’re using a USB microphone, you can plug it directly into your gaming PC motherboard. Make sure that ‘system tray (run at startup)’ and ‘auto restart audio engine’ is checked. I have other things I need on the same screen besides my Voicemeeter (Banana in my case) Nice please! Install voicemeeter Banana –, Install VB-Cable Virtual Audio Device – In order to fully utilize these to their potential, you will have to play around and find the correct settings for your own personal setup. Select A1 to monitor your voice on that input. How to Use Voicemeeter Banana. Install and … Press J to jump to the feed.