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Why would he appear in such a film and corroborate experiences of people in “The Hole” then? Brainwashing is crazy powerful. In a PM, Mr. Time After Time informed me that these are sometimes called "Band-Aid Bushings". He saw it as interwoven with negatives put there by Hubbard. Imo, yep. “Mark C. “Marty” Rathbun is a former senior executive of the Church of Scientology, who last held the post of Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center (RTC), the organization that is responsible for the protection and enforcement of all Dianetics and Scientology copyrights and trademarks,” Wikipedia says. On his blog, Rathbun … Scott Rathbun to his brother Marty Rathbun. Same with Aznaran. He finally settled outside of the public eye and now keeps quiet. Because they both dislike the church but for conflicting reasons. Marty was one of the few "surviving" GO members after the fallout from Operation Snow White. Insanity runs deep in my family. He's confused and overwhelmed. activism, civil rights, David Miscavige, human rights, Lamont A Jefferson, Les Striebel, Mark Rathbun, Marty Rathbun, mind control, Monique Rathbun, Ray Jeffrey, Scientology. I call BS on your statement. They either paid him off enough or blackmailed him to recant his criticisms. The only thing for sure is he made a final set of videos and then withdrew from the Scientology vs. Anti-Scientology arena. Scientology lawyers claim she's a straw figure. Because the tiny tyrant was right this once, Marty couldn't make it in the outside world. It answers the most frequently asked questions about Scientology today, including: What is behind the madness and violence widely reported on Scientology Inc. supreme leader David Miscavige? He might be trying to do an amends projects of sorts to re-infiltrate the church in an attempt to attack it from the inside again. I’m sure I recall a … A sub for the discussion of all things Scientology related. All Rathbun had to do was spin spin spin tall tales and lie about critics - all designed to confuse active Scientologists in doubt.Miscavige did it to Debbie Cook and Vicky Aznaran - both high ranking apostates. Posts about education written by Mark C. Rathbun. Comments. Considering how prominent he is in the work done to expose Scientology, I’m surprised we haven’t seen him on … So Jesse Prince's book Expert Witness gives a very honest take on Mike Rinder (who generally doesn't get too much flak) and Marty (who gets a ton). Marty does not believe "Scientology works.". Scott held a degree in psychology, and I thought he might have some useful input on the task ahead of me. A personal friend of mine told me after the show that I had been (her word) “amazing,” which is a word that is employed to describe a wide range of human achievements, from the successful rescue of a kitten in a tree to the collection of awkward twitches and empty-brain pauses I … He believes that Rinder and Remini distort what they are saying for their own personal gain and that he is calling that out. I … Will be interesting how much further he entrenches himself by way of the mechanics of betrayal, especially at the OT level of things. Patently false. IIRC in the book, Marty, aka "Special Project L", was heading the operation. Marty believes that Scientology works, it is Miscavige that is the problem... not what Hubbard taught. I think it's a buy off. The plaintiff, Monique Rathbun, a non-Scientologist, is married to Mark Rathbun, a prominent dissident who once was Miscavige's second-in-command. However, when you mix that with some of Marty's weaknesses (like being quite... self-important and self-centred, denial and pushing away of his role for Miscavige) then he expresses some interesting views. If you look at Marty's writing just prior to his caving and taking the money from Miscavige and agreeing to make a series of videos attacking critics of Miscavige, his understanding of Scientology - the subject - had evolved. It’s curiously fascinating yet disgusting to watch him defect and “see the light” to a degree only to later bash defectors publicly. Thumbnail: WB/Everett Collection.) If you watch him in the various movies and such, he's still, if not a believer, at least still thinks there's a lot of power within the techniques the "church" teaches. He fancies himself the Martin Luther of Scientology. There was a pretty telling scene in My Scientology Movie that shows his commitment to the tech at least that’s what I perceive it portrays: He still practises Scientology, from what I understand, as an independent and he still audits people. This doesn't really tell us he's 100% back into the church, but it's interesting that hes got so much stress about it all. Is he that tone deaf that he does not realize this, or is he just doing exactly what the church wants him to either through an agreement or their coercion? I can understand that he probably reached a settlement with the church, but to put out countless videos bashing vocal defectors is just embarrassing. ... Cal head coach Mark Fox has had to get creative with his rotations.
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